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The LUNOS e2 is a decentralized HRV system that does not require venting air to a centralized core, rather provides that same performance through individual units placed through your exterior walls.

Lunos HRVs are an essential component of any air-sealed high-performance home, bringing fresh air while removing unwanted pollutants and humidity.

The Lunos e2™ HRV Systems

Introducing the Lunos™ ‘breathing wall’ ventilation technology. Lunos e2  replaces your indoor air while maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round.This through wall variable ventilation system employs a ceramic regenerative heat-exchanger to provide continuous ventilation without the need for duct work.

Lunos ego™ HRV is designed for optimum ventilation in small spaces.

Like the Lunos e² systems, the Lunos ego uses the principle of regenerative heat exchange. The difference is the ego has two fans in one unit. The two fans operate in opposite directions so that supply and exhaust air are moved at the same time.


Lunos NExxt

The Lunos Nexxt is a decentralized HRV designed for larger spaces, not only homes but commercial spaces such as schools, offices, hotels and hospitals.

The Nexxt introduces a new operating concept; controlled via humidity or temperature sensors, the Nexxt achieves a heat recovery rate of up to 90 % through a highly efficient cross-flow heat exchanger (or optionally by a counter-flow heat exchanger).The Nexxt is well suited as in areas that need to be particularly quiet and through the optional use of our F9 filter the Nexxt exceeds air quality standards many times over.

Quiet, efficient exhaust system – the new generation of fans

LUNOS has a new generation of the Silvento model:. This model requires less energy since power input has been considerably reduced as a result of engineering. It is quieter than its predecessor, since it operates far more efficiently and can be operated with lower volume flows.

Quiet – low sound level

Technology - High Efficiency

Slim design line