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Internal and external Drainage System

Currently, more and more often, both in new construction and in the reconstruction of existing networks, pipeline systems made of polypropylene are used. The popularity of polypropylene pipes and fittings is due to their undeniable advantage over traditional materials (cast iron, steel, reinforced concrete, polyethylene). The SINIKON plant produces pipes and fittings for four systems designed for internal and external Sewerage, as well as internal drain.

SINIKON Standard for internal pressure less sewage - the most popular system among buyers. Builders and designers appreciate the excellent combination of price and quality, and installers appreciate the ease of installation.

SINIKON Comfort was created as a product for use in the construction of luxury homes, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and similar institutions. The SINIKON Comfort system is made of modified polypropylene has a higher material density and increased wall thickness compared to conventional polypropylene pipes. SINIKON Comfort Plus allows you to further reduce the noise level in sewer systems. External sewage systems are an important element of both the urban environment and private construction.