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TECE Flushing Technology:-

As a system provider, TECE takes a holistic approach! Integration of the universal cistern in brick-wall and dry-wall construction modules is just as important as the flush actuation function in front of the wall. Every TECE push plate therefore fits every TECE cistern. The urinal flush valve completes TECE’s flushing technology system. Our customers value and trust our know-how. The TECE cistern has proved its worth a million times over in long-term use.

Saving water or flushing well? YES, With the TECE cistern is both possible.
The flush pressure can be flexibly adapted to any toilet regardless of the ceramics used. With conventional drain valves, the flush pressure can only be subsequently curtailed, but not increased. By exchanging the throttle ring installed as standard, the flush pressure can be subsequently increased. If there is overspray, it can of course also be reduced.

Saving water when possible, flushing well when necessary! For years, leading ceramics manufacturers have been offering a special toilet bowl that can make do with a water-saving 4.5 liters for a full flush. As the appropriate dual-flush technology was not available, however, a single-flush system was used. As a result: flushing always required 4.5 liters of water, whatever the extent of one's "business", and the water saved through the full flush was wasted again.

The TECE drain valve was awarded the Design Plus Prize 2009 for its water-saving technology and universal use.