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TECE PVD Flush plate


Modern bathrooms are becoming more and more individually designed retreat spaces for wellbeing. It's no wonder that colors are continuing to make a comeback in the bathroom, but the demands of end clients for exclusivity, individuality and durability are also increasing. A surface finish that not only looks refined but is also durable and can withstand the special requirements in the bathroom. The answer to this: a PVD surface finish.

It's about the details.

The new PVD surface finishes for toilet flush plates of the TECEsquare metal series and the TECEdrainprofilerecessed shower profile now allow for harmonious bathroom design right down to the details. They are color matched to the latest offers from leading manufacturers including those from the hansgrohe/AXOR.

The PVD coating not only makes metal surfaces tougher, it also gives them a characteristic tint. TECE will be offering these products in future in the colors Black Chrome, Red Gold and Gold Optic - in either a brushed or polished look. The colors are also tailored to the fittings from Hansgrohe/Axor, allowing harmonious color design of toilet and shower through to the washstand.