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The toilet terminal TECElux hides the working parts behind the wall. An extremely flat glass facing closes the inspection opening and conceals the cistern, connections for water and power and, depending on the version, an odor extraction or height adjustment for the ceramics.

A TECElux toilet terminal always consists of:

  • A TECElux toilet module
  • An upper glass facing with actuation unit in white or black
  • A lower glass facing with toilet attachment and notches for different power and water connections in white or black.

Advanced features



Electronic “sen-Touch” flush actuation

A simple touch with the finger actuates the flush. The flush can also be activated without contact, by moving to within a 10 mm range. A sensor ensures energy-saving con- sumption – and effortless toilet flushing. With the manual actuation option, the flush is actuated via buttons. These are available in various colours and material variants.

“smart-Connect” interface

The new toilet terminal takes equal account of aesthetic and functional factor. TECElux integrates the system components in the pre-wall module invisbly and safely. The large inspection opening is covered by a flat glass facing that permits quick access to the components behind it at any time.

As an open interface between the toilet functions and architecture, the toilet terminal can be combined with almost any ceramic elements and also with shower toilet units. This is Open for all future technologies- Water, waste water, electrics, height adjustment and the filter solution are housed here.

“ceramic-Air” air purification system

Our newly developed air purification system operates invisibly, quietly and without intrusive cover-up fragrances. The air purification system works with a new kind of ceramic activated carbon filter. There is no need for any extra fresh air which would first have to be warmed. The filter only has to be replaced every Five years. This is Extremely quiet or very powerful.

“m-Lift” height adjustment

TECElux "m-Lift" enables you to adjust the height of the toilet ceramics at any time, even after the module has been installed. The ceramics do not have to be removed. The height of the ceramics can be continuously adjusted in an 8 centimeter range with an adjusting spindle. The glass front moves with the ceramics, so the overall appearance is not marred by joints or gaps.